Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Alright so we have been talked into this blogging business. Actually Brooke is forcing us so we'll see how this works out! I'm sure after the initial creation it will never be changed, but it is the effort that counts! So here is our family, the most recent pictures anyway, we are too busy playing ball and taking care of the kids we forget to get the camera out every now and then, hopefully this will motivate us to be a little better about that!

Kaley and Jimmer went to Oklahome for Kaley's softball tournament, You may think that definite hat line on Jimmer's forehead is a tan line, but no the wind was about 50 MPH and that is a dirt line after coaching 2 games! Very disgusting!

Kaley and Sam, this is the most recent picture of anyone in the family

Alright so I'm sure you guys have looked at this and were so embarrassed for our blogging skills, but Brooke is teaching us how and we have not gotten far. So we are in the process.....Maybe in about a month we should have a presentable blog! Sory it is so lame!! Just ignore it for a while :)